* buy, sell and hold real estate
* buy houses in any condition, any area
* Will close on your terms - this week or longer if you need

* owner is licensed and active in DFW real estate since 1991

*Owner financed homes

* rentals

* Experience with problem titles problem estates

Beneficial Quick Facts

Beneficial Investments LLC

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Providing ​​Real Estate Solutions since 1991

I have been In the real estate Business over 27 years.

I buy houses in 7 days or less on cash or terms.

I am the buyer - you deal with me - not my "team":

We sit * we talk * we work a deal or we do not.....You will not be waiting for days, weeks or months while I "assess the value"  or "inspect the house". I make my decisions typically in 5 minutes or less. I can do this because I actually close houses. Any Investor who is legitimate can close the deal as soon as titlework is done - 7 days or less. Period.  

Service that's unsurpassed - I run a successful business because helping people is my main goal. I do not have unhappy sellers because my sellers know details up front and I deliver. 

Please feel free to call me anytime for a free, no-obligation consultation. Whatever your housing goals, we're here to help. 

I solve real estate headaches - lets find a solution together!

I excel at grant writing for non profits and have either authored grants fetching close to $11 million.

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About Tim:
I have been Involved in real estate virtually my entire adult life.  First licensed as an agent in 1991, My business has grown and evolved through the boom times and the down times.

My goal is to help people whenever possible. Admittedly I do not have a solution for every situation  - no one does - but my experience is at your disposal. I do not make promises I cannot keep. If we do business Great! If we part ways with no transaction but you have benefited from my knowledge that is great as well - Helping people find solutions is what I do!

Please feel free to call or email me anytime, 
Email: sellahousein7days@hotmail.com