Beneficial Investments LLC

How does it work? Very simple - I can close in a few days because no bank loan, appraisal or inspections is needed - I am the only person who has to make a decision on the property. 

I hear from many sellers about their experiences with an "investor". The seller learns too late that the investor has a lender or a partner who has to approve the property. Even worse sometimes they learn that the person they are dealing with is not even the actual buyer - despite claiming that they "pay cash for houses". Weeks later they still have not closed the house and often end up calling me to see if I will still buy it. The answer of course is “yes” – that is what I do!  
All I need the address to do my homework on the property. I can usually look at the house the same day you call - or at your convenience. From there we get together and see if we can work out a deal that works for you and for me. If we do, then the closing date is up to you. Typically a title company can have tilework done in 5 days or so. That means drawing all the papers together and getting everything we need to convey title. After they are done we go to the Title Company together or separately and sign the papers. You will either get a cashier’s check from the title company or they will wire the funds directly to your bank account - your choice. It is a very easy process.